About us

Quality, comfort and elegance are the trademarks of every piece of furniture South African based Designer On line builds. Manufacturer of the finest lines of custom and made-to-order upholstered furniture, Designer On line offers clients timeless and current styles for both local and international markets.

about_usDesigner On line being part of Petite Designs was found in 1969.  Petite Designs is a second generation family owned business. At the time, Petite was a small family concern. 42 years later, with the company’s tradition rooted in quality and craftsmanship, Petite Designs is one of the most influential and significant presence within the South African upholstery sector. The company has built close relationships with many of South Africa’s top designers that share the same ethos of providing the very best in furniture and delivering exactly what the client requires. These relationships as well as the numerous awards and accolades received over the years within the industry, have contributed to Petites formidable reputation and rise in the international market.

Petite Designs supplies the prestigious international company Andrew Martin which has resulted in Petite Designs furniture being distributed in countries such as the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Russia and The Middle East while also supplying to the same countries directly through its service to the Hotel Industry. In addition, Petite exports directly to many African countries such as Angola, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Congo and Mozambique.

Being inspired with the remarkable background and success of Petite Designs, Mr Iain McMurray (founder of Designer On line) took the initiative to open Designer On line doors to the middle class market in order to provide them with the finest furniture at lower costs.

From the initial design, through all stages of production to the final product, every piece is the result for excellence. The dedication and skill of the personnel Kurt Jegels throughout has significantly contributed to the growth of the company, renowned for its excellent reputation in business and manufacturing.