upholstery-cleaningDo not be panicked when you see eerie brown stains lining your fabric sofa when you accidentally spill water onto the sofas surface. Water spots or water marks can be noticed in the form of dodgy brown rings. It’s quite mystifying how these stains can be caused by something as clean as water. The truth is, these stains cannot be caused by pure water and will only be caused by dirty or coloured water. It is the minerals such as iron and manganese found in water that can participate the fabric of the sofa and cause an unsightly stain. However, this kind of stain can be removed effectively.

How to remove water stains:

  • • Blot the water spillage as soon as the fabric becomes wet. Blot with a clean cloth until no more fluid can be blotted away.
  • • The damp area must be blotted with a vinegar solution covered cloth. Gently blot the outer edge of the stain, slowly move toward the centre of the area to prevent the stain from spreading. Rubbing will damage the fabric, always blot gently.
  • • The vinegar should settle into the fabric for fifteen minutes. Then blot the area by using a dry cloth.
  • • Dry the area using a blow dryer that has been switched to ‘cool’ mode.


Never pour water onto the now wet fabric so as to clean the cloth as this will cause a larger water ring. Fabric upholsteries that are made of silk should never be cleaned using water! Always contact a professional cleaner when in doubt or check with your furniture retailer for more cleaning advice.